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Wellness Community

The Wellness Community is an apartment living community designed to teach residents healthy lifestyle behaviors and to help them develop healthy social supports and interactions.


What is the Wellness Community?

The Wellness Community is a community intervention designed to promote the health benefits of addressing and treating the environmental, social and behavioral factors in overall health. It provides the most fundamentally important components of health, safe housing, social support, activity and diet.  Learning these health behaviors will increase life span and dramatically reduce overall health care costs, for the individual and the community.


Residents will have access to healthcare needs through onsite providers and use of technology.  This will reduce preventable hospitalizations and/or readmissions.


Through delivery of integrated care (primary and behavioral health), residents will use less costly treatment services, e.g., hospital emergency departments.


Why is there a need for this project in our community?
The Wellness Community is more than housing.  Thirty percent of individuals with chronic disease such as diabetes also have some behavioral health treatment need, such as counseling. Individuals often have difficulty getting to all of their doctors appointments and when they get home, there may be little or no support for them. As a result, throughout the Crossroads Region, people make their way to the emergency department for treatment.


The Wellness Community provides a place for health care providers and other support services to coordinate the care and treatment for individuals, and partner with community stakeholders to include hospitals and primary care practices.

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