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Obamacare Covered More People With Mental Illness, Addictions - 2017-01-20
"But greater numbers need to be in treatment for these conditions, researcher says." More

Many With Mental Illness Miss Out on HIV Tests - 2017-01-19
"Rates of infection up to 15 times higher, yet testing rates similar to those without psychiatric woes, study finds." More

Dementia May Be Exacerbated by Hospital-Related Delirium - 2017-01-18
"Hospitalization-related delirium may speed mental decline in patients with dementia, according to a study published online Jan. 18 in JAMA Psychiatry." More

Body Dysmorphic Disorder Often Missed by Plastic Surgeons - 2017-01-18
"Nearly one in 10 patients seeking facial plastic surgery suffers from body dysmorphic disorder, but doctors often don't spot the problem, according to research published online recently in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery." More

Incentives May Spur Poor Families to Buy More Fruits, Veggies - 2017-01-18
"Many may not know about program that doubles value of food stamps spent on produce, study finds." More

Plastic Surgeons Often Miss Patients' Mental Disorders - 2017-01-18
"10 percent seeking facial procedures have condition called body dysmorphic disorder, study contends." More

Physician Excess Charges Create Financial Burden for Patients - 2017-01-17
"Many doctors bill their private-paying patients two, three, even six times more than what Medicare pays for the same services, according to a research letter published in the Jan. 17 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association." More

Postpartum Depression Affects New Dads, Too - 2017-01-17
"Certain men at greater risk, doctors say." More

For a Colicky Baby, You Might Give Acupuncture a Try - 2017-01-17
"Treatment with 1 to 5 needles might stop the excessive crying, Swedish researchers say." More

Mortality Risk in T2DM Increased With Depression and/or Anxiety - 2017-01-16
"For individuals with type 2 diabetes, anxiety symptoms affect mortality risk, independently of depression symptoms, and attenuate the excess mortality associated with depression, according to a study published online Jan. 11 in Diabetes Care." More

Most Smokers With Mental Illness Want to Kick the Habit - 2017-01-16
"But psychiatrists and caseworkers often don't recognize this need, survey finds." More

IRS Reminds Millions About Fines for Not Signing Up for Obamacare - 2017-01-16
"Letters being sent as GOP-controlled Congress races to repeal controversial health reform law." More

Link Seen Between Concussions and Alzheimer's - 2017-01-13
"But study didn't prove head injuries cause the degenerative brain disease." More

'Stress Ball' in Your Brain May Be Key to Heart Risks - 2017-01-12
"New brain-scan study helps pinpoint a neurological link between anxiety, cardiovascular disease." More

Government-Backed Salt Reduction Efforts Could Deliver Big Health Pay Day - 2017-01-11
"Researchers estimate a 10 percent cut in salt could save millions worldwide from heart disease." More

578 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)