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Anxious About OpinionsThu, Dec 26th 2013
Personality Disorder or Just a Horrible PersonSat, Dec 21st 2013
Husband Sexting With a Mutual FriendWed, Dec 18th 2013
Husband Jealous of my Friends and FamilyThu, Dec 12th 2013
Does This Sound Like Bipolar?Thu, Dec 12th 2013
Is it Just a Name?!Mon, Nov 18th 2013
Possible OCD and Anxiety issues Fri, Nov 15th 2013
SexWed, Nov 13th 2013
FearMon, Nov 11th 2013
Do I Have Adult ADD?Fri, Nov 1st 2013
Am I Controlling ?Sun, Oct 27th 2013
Why do I Have These Mood Swings?Mon, Oct 21st 2013
Violent When DrunkMon, Oct 21st 2013
Angry All The TimeSat, Oct 19th 2013
Commitment IssuesFri, Oct 18th 2013
Found Out my Therapist Had a Disciplinary Action in the PastMon, Oct 14th 2013
Anxiety and SexSat, Oct 12th 2013
Trust IssueTue, Oct 8th 2013
She's Lied About EverythingTue, Oct 1st 2013
My Family is Ruining my Relationship With my Boyfriend Thu, Sep 26th 2013
Eating Disorder or Overreacting?Fri, Sep 20th 2013
Should My 9 Year Old Daughter Be Evaluated?Thu, Sep 19th 2013
What Is Wrong With Me ?Thu, Sep 19th 2013
Problem of Forgetting ThingsWed, Sep 18th 2013
My Boyfriend's Children Won't Accept Me....Tue, Sep 17th 2013
Classify My Mental DisorderSat, Sep 14th 2013
OCD, DepressionThu, Sep 12th 2013
BipolarWed, Sep 11th 2013
I'm Going Crazy?Mon, Sep 9th 2013
Sexual Obsession? OCD?Sun, Sep 8th 2013
Is The Word 'Not' Missing?Thu, Aug 29th 2013
Prolonged Unemployment of Husband Sat, Aug 24th 2013
Help me Fight With my Sex DriveThu, Aug 22nd 2013
Long Distance College Relationship Thu, Aug 22nd 2013
Please Help. I Criticize Myself Too Much and I Need to Stop. Sat, Aug 17th 2013
Anxiety Over Sexual FantasyTue, Aug 13th 2013
What Can I do to Help? Mon, Aug 12th 2013
Does my Boyfriend Have Feelings For His Ex Wife?Mon, Aug 12th 2013
Stay in Therapy Because I Like it?Wed, Aug 7th 2013
Trying to ForgetTue, Aug 6th 2013
Is My Anxiety a Normal Reaction?Mon, Aug 5th 2013
Married to a PsychopathWed, Jul 24th 2013
I Have BulimiaTue, Jul 23rd 2013
What am I Supposed to do With a Hypochondriac Step Daughter?Mon, Jul 22nd 2013
Arranged MarriageThu, Jul 18th 2013
Breaking UpTue, Jul 16th 2013
Trust IssuesMon, Jul 15th 2013
Soon to be 15 Year Old Step Daughter Who is Physically Abusive to Family MembersWed, Jul 10th 2013
Do You Know What's Wrong With Me?Thu, Jul 4th 2013
What's Wrong With Me?Wed, Jul 3rd 2013
How to Overcome Depression Caused when Boyfriend Ditched Me?Wed, Jun 26th 2013
New Boyfriend Lying About Belongings That Are His Ex Girlfriend'sWed, Jun 26th 2013
How to Help my Delusional Son?Tue, Jun 25th 2013
Should I Put up With Abuse And Morbid Jealousy?Mon, Jun 24th 2013
I Can't control my Mind Anymore, do I Need to Leave?Thu, Jun 20th 2013
Is Any of This Real?Thu, Jun 20th 2013
Bipolar Medications That do not Cause Sexual Dysfunction Wed, Jun 19th 2013
Multiple Sex Abuse as a ChildMon, Jun 17th 2013
Need HelpFri, Jun 14th 2013
What is This, and What do I do About it?Thu, Jun 13th 2013
I Have Everything I Ever Wanted. Why am I so Miserable?Thu, Jun 13th 2013
How Can I Convince My Suicidal MD Husband To Be Evaluated?Tue, Jun 11th 2013
Very Harmful TransferenceFri, May 17th 2013
Do I Have a Mental Condition?Thu, May 16th 2013
When I Talk to Women My Eyes Fall on Their Boobs AutomaticallySun, May 12th 2013
Sexual Abuse, What Should I do Now?Fri, May 10th 2013
Should I Stay or Should I Go?Wed, May 8th 2013
Bipolar or Depressed or Neither?Tue, May 7th 2013
How Can I Help my Fiancé?Sun, May 5th 2013
DepressionSat, May 4th 2013
Wife's BehaviorFri, May 3rd 2013
Abusive Adult ChildWed, May 1st 2013
Differences in BedFri, Apr 19th 2013
Step-Daughter is Deliberately AbusiveWed, Apr 17th 2013
Feel Like Something's WrongTue, Apr 16th 2013
What's Going On?Tue, Apr 16th 2013
Husband Continually Annoyed/Angry With MeSun, Apr 14th 2013
Recent Loss of my Mother is Causing Problems... Mon, Apr 8th 2013
Is my Sister a Pathological Liar?Fri, Apr 5th 2013
BPD ? and MethWed, Apr 3rd 2013
Lost in LimboTue, Apr 2nd 2013
Too Much SorrowThu, Mar 28th 2013
My 10 Year OldThu, Mar 21st 2013
How Can I Overcome my Debilitating Shyness and Fear of Life?Wed, Mar 20th 2013
19 Year Old DaughterMon, Mar 18th 2013
Very EmptyFri, Mar 15th 2013
Really Desperate..Please HelpThu, Mar 14th 2013
Illness or Exhaustion?Thu, Mar 7th 2013
OCD and Trauma?Mon, Mar 4th 2013
Need Help in Building the BridgesSun, Mar 3rd 2013
Lack of Affection and IntimacyThu, Feb 28th 2013
My Health?Thu, Feb 21st 2013
Is He Seeing Someone?Wed, Feb 20th 2013
Marriage QuestionTue, Feb 19th 2013
Why do I See Words and Numbers in my Mind... Sat, Feb 16th 2013
Self Hate Wed, Feb 13th 2013
DepressionSun, Feb 10th 2013
Am I Really That Messed Up?Sun, Feb 10th 2013
Bipolar, Depression, Grief & AnxietyThu, Feb 7th 2013
Respect + Anger ManagmentSat, Feb 2nd 2013
My Husband With Daughter...... Thu, Jan 31st 2013
Why Do I like Being Abused?Wed, Jan 23rd 2013
How To Get Over It?Wed, Jan 16th 2013
Getting Married, Stepsons With Awful TempersFri, Jan 11th 2013
Adult Son Interferes with Our RelationshipWed, Jan 9th 2013
Is This a Flashback?Tue, Jan 8th 2013
Help Us With Our Son!Sun, Jan 6th 2013
No Clue What To Do. Help?Wed, Jan 2nd 2013
OCDMon, Dec 31st 2012
Does My Boyfriend Have a Personality Disorder?Sat, Dec 29th 2012
Co-Dependent MotherSun, Nov 18th 2012
Am I Going Crazy?Wed, Nov 14th 2012
Do I Suffer From Depression?Tue, Nov 13th 2012
ADD Maybe?Sun, Nov 11th 2012
Is This Normal?Sun, Nov 11th 2012
Can My Marriage Be Saved?Sun, Nov 11th 2012
My Boyfriend Cannot Have SEXSat, Nov 10th 2012
Why Is He Doing This To Me?Thu, Nov 8th 2012
Am I Commitment-Phobic?Sun, Nov 4th 2012
Change of Heart After Parent's DeathTue, Oct 30th 2012
Does He Love Me?Sat, Oct 20th 2012
The Breakup.Wed, Oct 17th 2012
I Don't Care For Anything, I Feel as Though I'm Wasting my Life.Mon, Oct 15th 2012
Intrusive Thoughts?Sat, Oct 13th 2012
Should I Stay With a Lying Husband?Wed, Oct 10th 2012
What Happened?Mon, Oct 8th 2012
On and Off Relationship For Almost 10yrsSun, Oct 7th 2012
Jealous GirlfriendFri, Oct 5th 2012
What's the Best Option?Tue, Oct 2nd 2012
Unwanted ThoughtsThu, Sep 27th 2012
Anxiety Has Taken Over My Life...Fri, Sep 21st 2012
Will My Husband Ever Quit Abusing Narcotics?Wed, Sep 19th 2012
I Am Tired of MarriageTue, Sep 18th 2012
Not Able to be Happy With my HusbandMon, Sep 17th 2012
Do You Think We Can Work This Out?Fri, Sep 14th 2012
Ex-Girl Friends Pictures on Boyfriend's ComputerThu, Sep 13th 2012
CBT Therapy and TransferenceWed, Sep 12th 2012
I'm His 2nd Wife. Am I Destined to Play Second Fiddle to His daughter Forever?Sun, Sep 9th 2012
How Do I Get My 24 Year Old Son To A CounselorTue, Sep 4th 2012
My 9 Year Old Wants To Be An Only ChildSat, Sep 1st 2012
Bipolar TeenSat, Aug 18th 2012
I Am Wondering What Could be Wrong With Me?Thu, Aug 16th 2012
Is It Me or Him?Wed, Aug 15th 2012
Personality Disorder Symptoms??Tue, Aug 14th 2012
Morbid Jealousy?Sat, Aug 11th 2012
How Can We Stop Our relationship From Falling Apart?Fri, Aug 10th 2012
How Much is TOO Much Therapy?Tue, Aug 7th 2012
How do I Get my Husband to the Psychiatrist?Tue, Jul 31st 2012
How do I Get Medical Treatment for my Medicine Refill Without Insurance?Mon, Jul 30th 2012
Transference IIThu, Jul 26th 2012
OCDThu, Jul 19th 2012
Is it Inappropriate to Call my Daughter...Wed, Jul 18th 2012
Trying to Save 37 Years of Marriage With My Bipolar HusbandMon, Jul 16th 2012
Past Following me For the WorseSun, Jul 15th 2012
I Have This IssueSun, Jul 15th 2012
Husband Never Wants Sex, Prefers to Masturbate. I'm Lonely...Mon, Jul 9th 2012
How to Handle an Employee Who Tells Obvious LiesSun, Jul 8th 2012
How to Prevent Any Relapse Into Pornography?Wed, Jul 4th 2012
Affection DeficitSat, Jun 30th 2012
Delusional JealousySun, Jun 24th 2012
Alcoholism and FamilyFri, Jun 22nd 2012
Am I Depressed?Mon, Jun 18th 2012
Sex Addict that Only acts Out with Fantasy?Mon, Jun 18th 2012
My Boyfriend Still has his Ex-Girlfriend's PhotosSun, Jun 17th 2012
Bipolar Obsessive Thoughts and False Memories Thu, Jun 14th 2012
Emotional Manipulator, Personality Disorder or Both?Wed, Jun 13th 2012
19 Yr Old Naive DaughterFri, May 25th 2012
Mentally ill DaughterThu, May 24th 2012
Fear of ChokingWed, May 23rd 2012
HelpMon, May 21st 2012
Ten Year Old's Severe Emotional and Behavioral ProblemsWed, May 16th 2012
Alcohol and ChangeSun, May 13th 2012
In Love With a Man Who Does Not Love MeThu, May 10th 2012
Boyfriend's Daughter's Strange BehaviorWed, May 9th 2012
Don't Remember...Mon, May 7th 2012
Should I be Discouraging my Girlfriend's Masochistic Fantasies?Fri, May 4th 2012
I Have Been Rejected.Thu, May 3rd 2012
Second MarriageWed, May 2nd 2012
Am I A Sadomasochist?Mon, Apr 30th 2012
Lack of Sex Drive at a Young age?Wed, Apr 25th 2012
Ending TherapySun, Apr 22nd 2012
New Job New ChanceWed, Apr 11th 2012
Strange Sexual Fantasies Mon, Apr 9th 2012
Crazy Mother In Law Ruining Our Mental Health and RelationshipMon, Apr 9th 2012
How Do I Handle My Mother's Decline?Sun, Apr 8th 2012
I Think I Have a Mental Disorder?Wed, Apr 4th 2012
Caught In The Middle Caring For Elderly ParentSat, Mar 31st 2012
Stress and Loss of Feeling or Emotional DeadnessWed, Mar 28th 2012
I am a Newlywed and Need HelpTue, Mar 27th 2012
Please Help MeMon, Mar 26th 2012
PromotionSun, Mar 25th 2012
Can't Stand the Idea of Being NormalSun, Mar 18th 2012
LiarFri, Mar 16th 2012
Husband's Relationship With His ChildrenWed, Mar 14th 2012
Sex Feels Wrong Now That I'm PregnantWed, Mar 14th 2012
Friends with BenefitsMon, Mar 12th 2012
OCD or Not OCD, That's The QuestionMon, Mar 5th 2012
Chronically Ill Non-Compliant 19 Year OldSat, Feb 25th 2012
Does Romance Lead to Aggression?Sat, Feb 18th 2012
Child With Possible Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)Fri, Feb 17th 2012
Am I Depressed?Wed, Feb 15th 2012
Is My Boyfriend Suffering From Some Kind of Sexual Problem or Is He Lazy in Sex?Sun, Feb 12th 2012
Obsession or ExcuseSun, Feb 5th 2012
Is Erotic Transference Permanent?Sun, Jan 29th 2012
Why my Emotional Relationships With Men Don't Last?Sat, Jan 28th 2012
What do you do When Your Partner Just Won't Understand or Change?Fri, Jan 27th 2012
Depressed, Anxious and Dead Inside...Please Help!Sun, Jan 22nd 2012
BrokenThu, Jan 12th 2012
I am Only 26 Years OldSun, Jan 8th 2012
Why do I Feel Like Everyone is Trying to Upset me?Thu, Jan 5th 2012
Preventing Unwarranted ConflictSun, Jan 1st 2012
Should I be Worried?Sun, Jan 1st 2012
My Husbands Roller Coaster of Proper Hygiene: Is it Depression?Thu, Dec 29th 2011
How do I Help my Hypochondriac Sister-in-Law?Tue, Dec 27th 2011
I Feel Like a Complete Waste of a Human LifeMon, Dec 26th 2011
Is There Something Wrong With Me?Thu, Dec 15th 2011
Should I Stay With My Girlfriend of 4 Years?Tue, Dec 13th 2011
My Boyfriend Saved a Picture of a Girl he Slept With in Case we Split up?Sun, Dec 11th 2011
Bipolar Girlfriend 55 Years OldFri, Dec 9th 2011
Am I Always Going to Feel Like This?Tue, Dec 6th 2011
Is He Changed???Mon, Dec 5th 2011
Am I Crazy?Sun, Dec 4th 2011
I Can't function Normally Anymore, Can More Diagnoses issues Risk Survival?Wed, Nov 30th 2011
I See and Hear Things, What's Wrong With Me?Mon, Nov 28th 2011
How Should I Help?Tue, Nov 22nd 2011
Bipolar Teen Son, ........Fri, Nov 18th 2011
Is My Daughter ADD?Wed, Nov 16th 2011
Bipolar Disorder and False and Displaced Memories?Tue, Nov 15th 2011
Too Much Time doing HomeworkSat, Nov 12th 2011
Will He Hit Me Again???Wed, Nov 2nd 2011
I Think I Have a Mental IllnessTue, Nov 1st 2011
I Can't Stop CryingMon, Oct 31st 2011
Why Can't I Get Over It?Sun, Oct 30th 2011
My BoyfriendLlied to Me About His Ex.Thu, Oct 27th 2011
HopelessSun, Oct 23rd 2011
Please, A Response!!!!!Fri, Oct 21st 2011
Anxious and Depressed SonWed, Oct 19th 2011
Is There Any Hope For Me, or am I Destined to be Damaged?Tue, Oct 18th 2011
Falling ApartSun, Oct 16th 2011
Adoptive Mother of 3 Children - SunFlowerMon, Oct 10th 2011
Is There Such a Thing as Happiness? Sat, Oct 8th 2011
How Can I Not Lie Anymore?Thu, Oct 6th 2011
Erotic Transference and Borderline Personality DisorderTue, Oct 4th 2011
Confusion From a College Long Distance RelationshipSat, Oct 1st 2011
mike\'s test question alcohol topicMon, Sep 26th 2011
How to Handle my Mothers State of Mind?Wed, Sep 14th 2011
Can't Stand NoiseTue, Sep 13th 2011
Missing My Ex-Boyfriend Terribly Mon, Sep 12th 2011
We Broke Up Because of His Mother.. I Had an Abortion. Having Suicidal ThoughtsSun, Sep 11th 2011
Intercourse Doesn't WorkTue, Sep 6th 2011
ODD and Risperdal Tue, Sep 6th 2011
Sexual Genetic Programming Difficult to ControlMon, Sep 5th 2011
Extreme BehaviorWed, Aug 31st 2011
How to Convince my Wife to Seek HelpWed, Aug 31st 2011
Can a Marriage Survive Without Sex?Sun, Aug 28th 2011
JoylessSun, Aug 21st 2011
Can We Make This WorkFri, Aug 19th 2011
I Just Feel So Depressed Thu, Aug 18th 2011
Should I Fight For My Marriage?Mon, Aug 15th 2011
Can Attraction Come Back?Mon, Aug 15th 2011
Am I a Sociopath? Sun, Aug 7th 2011
Heavy LoadWed, Aug 3rd 2011
Insecure DangerTue, Aug 2nd 2011
Should I Come Out Of My Closet?Mon, Aug 1st 2011
Worrying Too Much About Anything.Sat, Jul 23rd 2011
Trying to Reconnect With My ExTue, Jul 19th 2011
Outpatient Tue, Jul 19th 2011
Fear of Sex in Hubby Due to ED and Constriction in ChestSun, Jul 17th 2011
He Says I'm Ignorant , Being a MoronThu, Jul 14th 2011
20 Year Old Viewed Child Porn, Computer Taken by PoliceMon, Jul 11th 2011
Helping and Watching a Friend's Recurrent Depression?Mon, Jul 11th 2011
Homesick and Feeling Stuck.Thu, Jul 7th 2011
What Is Intimacy, Exactly?Sun, Jul 3rd 2011
Is She Ill?Wed, Jun 29th 2011
Why Does My Wife's Old Boyfriend Bother Me?Tue, Jun 28th 2011
Insanely Jealous HusbandTue, Jun 21st 2011
PTSD vs. DIDTue, Jun 21st 2011
How do We Get Her to Accept Us as Part of The Family?Sun, Jun 19th 2011
Another WomanSat, Jun 18th 2011
POCDMon, Jun 13th 2011
Why Won't He Have Sex With Me?Sat, Jun 11th 2011
Parent Abuse and My Resulting Disorders?Fri, Jun 10th 2011
I Confuse Myself?Thu, May 26th 2011
Boyfriends DaughterTue, May 24th 2011
Alcohol, No Sex, No Intimacy...Why Am I Here?Sun, May 22nd 2011
Is He Gay?Sat, May 14th 2011
I'm Really Lost Wed, May 11th 2011
Can Prescription Drug Use Lead to Delusional Beharior? Mon, May 9th 2011
Always the Friend Sat, May 7th 2011
Social Anxiety, Depression and More...Tue, May 3rd 2011
SadSun, May 1st 2011
Too Different?Tue, Apr 26th 2011
How do I Cope With a Parent Who is Trying to Ruin me?Mon, Apr 25th 2011
Will my Boyfriend Eventually Hit me?Sun, Apr 24th 2011
Worried About 4-year-old with DepressionMon, Apr 18th 2011
Same Views On So Much, but Can't Get Along As A CoupleMon, Apr 11th 2011
No Sex Drive - EverSun, Apr 10th 2011
Suicidal ThoughtsSun, Apr 10th 2011
Hypothyroid 23 Year Old GirlThu, Apr 7th 2011
Intrusive Thoughts!?Sun, Apr 3rd 2011
It's Me or It's My Mother?Tue, Mar 29th 2011
Is There Something Wrong?Tue, Mar 29th 2011
Considering Divorce After Several Deaths in The FamilyMon, Mar 28th 2011
Is He a Narcissist?Fri, Mar 25th 2011
Abused As A Child and Now It's Ruining My LifeSun, Mar 20th 2011
Help For Aging Human Service Professionals?Wed, Mar 16th 2011
He Doesn't Feel the Same Way About Me But... Tue, Mar 15th 2011
DepressionTue, Mar 8th 2011
Frequently Snapping Over Little Things!Mon, Mar 7th 2011
Is Our Son's Behavior Indicative of A Mental Health Problem?Mon, Mar 7th 2011
If There's Nothing New, There's Nothing Good.Thu, Mar 3rd 2011
Do I Have Just Social Anxiety or Other Diagnoses Combined with SA? Thu, Mar 3rd 2011
Please Respond, I Need Help Tue, Mar 1st 2011
Need To Ask SomeoneSun, Feb 27th 2011
Is My Boyfriend Gay, or, Does He Just Have Sex Anxiety?Thu, Feb 17th 2011
Just Want to DieThu, Feb 17th 2011
False MemoriesTue, Feb 15th 2011
Im Scared I'm MadMon, Feb 14th 2011
Mom Disowning Me For Dating Another RaceSun, Feb 13th 2011
SchizophreniaFri, Feb 11th 2011
Schizophrenic Relapse !Thu, Feb 10th 2011
Guidance To Help My Son Deal With His Violent RagesWed, Feb 9th 2011
Is it Okay to Give Up?Tue, Feb 8th 2011
I'm Cheated By My Girlfriend..... I Just Want to Die.....Mon, Feb 7th 2011
Can This Ever Change??Thu, Jan 20th 2011
HELP, With My Sexuality?Tue, Jan 18th 2011
How Can It Help?Mon, Jan 17th 2011
Everyone Says He is depressed, Is He? Or Does He Really Want a Divorce??Sun, Jan 16th 2011
EatingTue, Jan 11th 2011
Need AdviceWed, Jan 5th 2011
Daughter In Abusive MarriageTue, Jan 4th 2011
I Think My Husband Hates MeSun, Jan 2nd 2011
My Little GirlTue, Dec 28th 2010
My Boyfriend Has NO Sex DriveMon, Dec 27th 2010
I Think I Have Sexual Issue'sSun, Dec 26th 2010
Please Help Me..Sun, Dec 19th 2010
My 19 Year Old Daughter is Out of ControlTue, Dec 14th 2010
Serious Manic Episode Plus AlcoholMon, Dec 13th 2010
Help! Please!Sun, Dec 12th 2010
I Think I Need Some HelpSat, Dec 11th 2010
I Feel So Lost.Wed, Dec 8th 2010
Same-Sex (Gay Boyfriend) Doesn't Desire Sex... Why?Mon, Dec 6th 2010
Extreme JealousyMon, Dec 6th 2010
Sometimes I Regret Not Having a Proper Relationship With Another Woman.Thu, Dec 2nd 2010
Scared and LonelyWed, Dec 1st 2010
Please Help Me OutFri, Nov 19th 2010
How Much Should a Therapist Care or Reach Out?Wed, Nov 17th 2010
My 19 Year Old SonWed, Nov 17th 2010
Two Year Old Son WanderedSun, Nov 14th 2010
I Never Experience Happiness Thu, Nov 11th 2010
Diagnosis Second OpinionSun, Nov 7th 2010
89 Year Old Mother Thu, Nov 4th 2010
Does my Baby Need Him?Tue, Nov 2nd 2010
Spitting Four Year Old BoyMon, Nov 1st 2010
Mystery SymptomsSun, Oct 31st 2010
I Think I'm DepressedTue, Oct 26th 2010
I'm 21, Female, With No Sex Dive, and it is Ruining my MarriageSun, Oct 24th 2010
What Does he Have to Pay? And What Not?Thu, Oct 21st 2010
Is Psychosis Curable?Tue, Oct 19th 2010
AnxietyMon, Oct 18th 2010
Paranoid ThoughtsThu, Oct 14th 2010
How do I Reconnect With my Partner?Thu, Oct 14th 2010
Born to Lose, or Nurtured to Lose?Wed, Oct 13th 2010
Sex Tue, Oct 12th 2010
Why Does He Lie?Sun, Oct 10th 2010
I Desperately Want to Make This WorkTue, Sep 14th 2010
Help!!!Mon, Sep 13th 2010
Terrified of TeenFri, Sep 10th 2010
Why do You Think my Boyfriend Left Our Relationship in This Manner?Wed, Sep 8th 2010
I Feel Like he Won't Ever Love me Like he Loves herMon, Sep 6th 2010
Marraige Life of my Parents Sun, Sep 5th 2010
Help with a Histrionic FriendFri, Sep 3rd 2010
Bipolar Disorder and ADHDWed, Sep 1st 2010
What To Do?Tue, Aug 31st 2010
Help!Sun, Aug 29th 2010
Quadruple Bypass SurgeryTue, Aug 24th 2010
AdviceMon, Aug 23rd 2010
I am an 18 Year Old Mom Diagnosed With Severe Depression And AnxietyWed, Aug 18th 2010
Extremely Scared: I Felt Indifferent Toward an ObsessionMon, Aug 16th 2010
Boyfriend Still Acting Like a BachelorThu, Aug 12th 2010
Growing Apart In A Marriage Mon, Aug 9th 2010
Hearing Things?Mon, Aug 2nd 2010
Will He Hit Me Eventually? Fri, Jul 30th 2010
Middle-Aged Female Never In LoveThu, Jul 29th 2010
She Doesn't Behave Like My Love Completes Her.Wed, Jul 28th 2010
My Fiance May Have a Sexual, Nude Photo AddictionTue, Jul 27th 2010
Infections and The BrainWed, Jul 21st 2010
Is This Abuse and What Should I Do?Mon, Jul 19th 2010
My Girlfriend's Family Is Ruining Our RelationshipThu, Jul 15th 2010
Please Help Me!Wed, Jul 14th 2010
Should I Be Hopeful That He Will Change His Mind About Divorce?Tue, Jul 13th 2010
How To Help My SonMon, Jul 12th 2010
Is It Him Who Is Too Hard To Trust Or Is It Me?Fri, Jul 9th 2010
Silent TreatmentThu, Jul 8th 2010
WorthlessWed, Jul 7th 2010
I Want To Die!Tue, Jul 6th 2010
I Really Need Some Advice...Fri, Jun 18th 2010
I Was Living Two Lives. Thu, Jun 17th 2010
I Need Help And Am At The End of My RopeFri, Jun 11th 2010
Are Personality Disorders For Life?Tue, Jun 8th 2010
How Can I Cope With My Husband´s Depression and Its Sexual Consequences?Wed, Jun 2nd 2010
What Is The Difference Between Mental Illness and Depression?Fri, May 28th 2010
Controlling Husband Who Cheated Several TimesThu, May 27th 2010
Is There Hope For Me?Wed, May 26th 2010
What Is Happening To Me?Tue, May 25th 2010
I Feel Like I Have Failed - - May 20th 2010Thu, May 20th 2010
Am I Over Thinking This, or Am I Right?Wed, May 19th 2010
AngerWed, May 19th 2010
How Do I Handle This?Mon, May 17th 2010
How Do I Help My 4 Year Old Son Show Compasion?Mon, May 17th 2010
Violent BrotherThu, May 13th 2010
Do I Need Help?Wed, May 12th 2010
Boyfriend Wed, May 12th 2010
High Anxiety - J. - May 10th 2010Tue, May 11th 2010
Bipolar BoyfriendMon, May 10th 2010
What Is It?Fri, May 7th 2010
My Husband is Too AffectionateWed, May 5th 2010
Why Am I Thinking Like This?Tue, May 4th 2010
Do I Have Bipolar Disorder?Tue, Apr 27th 2010
Relationship With My Bipolar and ADHD GirlfriendSun, Apr 25th 2010
Why Does My Mother Hoard Everything, Including Garbage?Fri, Apr 23rd 2010
Huge Disapointment With My HusbandThu, Apr 8th 2010
I Don't Really Care About Anything. What Should I Do?Tue, Apr 6th 2010
Delusions and False MemoriesTue, Apr 6th 2010
Afraid of Breaking Family ApartSun, Apr 4th 2010
No SexThu, Apr 1st 2010
What Should I do?Thu, Apr 1st 2010
Is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Curable? Thu, Mar 18th 2010
Is it Really a Problem?Thu, Mar 18th 2010
I am Terrified of Death. Tue, Mar 16th 2010
AnhedoniaSun, Mar 14th 2010
Detached: I Feel Guilty, But I Can't Help it.Fri, Mar 12th 2010
My Father, The Sociopath...Thu, Mar 11th 2010
I Feel Like a Question MarkWed, Mar 10th 2010
Am I Not Normal!?Tue, Mar 9th 2010
Our 23 Year Old Son Refuses to Get Help for His Anxiety Attacks and Depression. Mon, Mar 8th 2010
AnxietyFri, Mar 5th 2010
11 Year Old Daughter Jealous of my BoyfriendWed, Feb 17th 2010
What is Wrong? Mon, Feb 15th 2010
Husband Abandoned MeFri, Feb 12th 2010
D.I.D. Diagnosis, How do I Accept This?Tue, Feb 9th 2010
Child BehaviorMon, Feb 8th 2010
Delusional and Morbid Jealousy?Mon, Feb 8th 2010
Single Mom in Relationship, Withholding Affection, Stand-Off?Mon, Feb 1st 2010
I Don't Know Anymore. Please Help.Sun, Jan 31st 2010
I Think I am Gay and I Need Help to Convert to Heterosexual?Wed, Jan 27th 2010
Anxiety Disorder vs. Personality Disorder: Differences?Mon, Jan 25th 2010
Breaking up With Bipolar Sun, Jan 24th 2010
Depression - Blacking OutWed, Jan 20th 2010
He's Distant. Is he Leaving me?Sun, Jan 17th 2010
My Boyfriend Saved Pictures of his Ex-Girlfriend on His Computer.Wed, Jan 13th 2010
Restroom PhobiaSun, Jan 10th 2010
My Boyfriend Wants to Experiment With MenFri, Jan 8th 2010
Depression in College SeniorsMon, Dec 28th 2009
What Should I do With my 19 Year-Old Daughter's Anger Issue?Sat, Dec 26th 2009
Dominating Mother Fri, Dec 25th 2009
How to Help Our College Age Son with Depression and AddictionTue, Dec 22nd 2009
My Fiancee, The Wall Is UpTue, Dec 22nd 2009
Can My Marriage be Saved?Mon, Dec 14th 2009
Therapist Was FiredFri, Dec 11th 2009
Personal HygieneThu, Dec 10th 2009
My Boyfriend and His Adult DaughterTue, Dec 8th 2009
What Is Wrong with Me?Tue, Dec 8th 2009
Should I Seek Help?Sun, Dec 6th 2009
Anger Driven Down Wrong RoadFri, Dec 4th 2009
When to Leave Therapy?Wed, Dec 2nd 2009
First Time OffenderTue, Dec 1st 2009
PremonitionsSun, Nov 29th 2009
Insane JealousyThu, Nov 19th 2009
Help Me Please. What is Going On With Me?Tue, Nov 17th 2009
Guys Think I Am Too Much for Them to HandleWed, Nov 11th 2009
Paranoid Schizophrenia DiagnosisMon, Nov 9th 2009
Why do Men Not Find Me Attractive?Fri, Nov 6th 2009
Odd Eating BehaviorTue, Oct 27th 2009
I Think My Husband has Sex and Intimacy IssuesTue, Oct 27th 2009
I'm Afraid I'm Going CrazyThu, Oct 22nd 2009
I Don't Know What To DoThu, Oct 22nd 2009
New Diagnosis...My Doc Says I Am Not Bipolar. Should I Go Back to My Medication?Mon, Oct 19th 2009
How Can I Talk About My Greatest Fear?Tue, Oct 13th 2009
Bipolar Woman with Secret LivesMon, Oct 12th 2009
Parenting a Bipolar Child, Not Quite a Child, Not Quite an AdultFri, Oct 9th 2009
What Should I Do?Thu, Oct 8th 2009
5 Year Old Behavior-Is it ADHD or Bipolar or Both?Wed, Oct 7th 2009
RelationshipMon, Oct 5th 2009
PTSD Thu, Oct 1st 2009
Post Brain Surgery Mental ProblemsTue, Sep 29th 2009
Am I Wallowing in Depression?Mon, Sep 28th 2009
Husband and DaughterThu, Sep 24th 2009
InorgasmiaTue, Sep 15th 2009
Never Been In a Serious RelationshipMon, Sep 14th 2009
Am I Being Used?Tue, Sep 8th 2009
Is This Jealous Behaviour Normal In a Child?Tue, Sep 8th 2009
Pregnant with A Mental IllnessThu, Aug 27th 2009
Sudden Separation After Loss of Father Sun, Aug 23rd 2009
Would Medication Help? Mon, Aug 17th 2009
Am I In Danger?Sun, Aug 16th 2009
AngerFri, Aug 14th 2009
Does Being Drunk Bring Out the True Personality?Wed, Aug 12th 2009
Overdriven and Uncontrolled Sex Drive Needs Daily MasturbationTue, Aug 11th 2009
VoicesFri, Aug 7th 2009
What is Wrong With MeWed, Aug 5th 2009
Husband's Weight ProblemTue, Aug 4th 2009
I Need Help Desperately - Jim Mon, Aug 3rd 2009
Dementia vs DeliriumTue, Jul 28th 2009
Sexual Abuse and Its Effects on Relationships AfterwardsTue, Jul 28th 2009
In A Bad SituationMon, Jul 27th 2009
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