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AHA News: Women May Be More Willing Than Men to Donate Organs - 2021-09-24
"Men and women have similar reasons for becoming -- or not becoming -- an organ donor, according to a new study. Yet women appear more willing to donate their organs to family members or strangers." More

Obesity a Threat to Adults With Autism, But There May Be Help - 2021-09-24
"Eating well and exercising regularly can be a challenge for anyone. But for those with autism spectrum disorder or intellectual disabilities, that challenge is exponentially greater." More

Signs of Early Alzheimer's May Be Spotted in Brain Stem - 2021-09-23
"Certain changes in a part of the brain stem, visible in scans, might be a potential early indicator of Alzheimer's disease, a new study suggests." More

Is Insulin Resistance a Recipe for Depression? - 2021-09-23
"Insulin resistance can make you more than twice as likely to develop major depression, even if you haven't developed full-blown diabetes, a new study reports." More

AHA News: Food Insecurity's Long-Term Health Consequences - 2021-09-22
"Food insecurity affects millions of people in the United States whose suffering may not appear so grim on the outside, but whose mental and physical health are still threatened by hunger and poor nutrition." More

18 Million Americans Can't Pay for Needed Meds - 2021-09-22
"As many as 18 million Americans can't afford their prescribed medications, a new nationwide poll finds." More

U.S. to Buy 500 Million More COVID Vaccine Doses for Global Donation - 2021-09-22
"The United States will buy 500 million more doses of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine that it will donate to countries in need, President Biden announced at a virtual summit on the pandemic Wednesday." More

Intervening in Infancy Might Help Prevent Some Cases of Autism: Study - 2021-09-21
"Infants may show early signs of autism, but a diagnosis usually isn't made until age 3. Now, a new study suggests that jumpstarting therapy might stave off that diagnosis altogether." More

Witnessing Abuse of a Sibling Can Traumatize a Child - 2021-09-22
"Seeing a parent abuse a sibling can be as traumatizing as watching a parent hurt another parent, a new study finds." More

Neighborhood Gun Violence Means Worse Mental Health for Kids - 2021-09-21
"Living within a few blocks of a shooting increases the risk that a child will end up visiting the emergency department for mental health-related problems, researchers say." More

Dealing With Grief in the Time of COVID - 2021-09-21
"Some may be living through the loss of family, friends or colleagues who have died from the COVID-19 virus. Others have had losses that would be considered major life events, such as a job layoff. Many have lost recreation, social support and relationships." More

Pandemic Changed Families' Eating Habits, for Good and Bad: Poll - 2021-09-21
"Over the past year and a half, the coronavirus pandemic has remade so much of everyday life, including the foods families eat." More

Depression During Menopause: How to Spot It and Treat It - 2021-09-20
"Emotional changes in the run-up to menopause can sometimes lead to depression." More

Could Cholesterol Help Drive Alzheimer's Disease? - 2021-09-17
"Cholesterol made in the brain may spur development of Alzheimer's disease, a new study suggests." More

Common Eye Conditions Tied to Higher Risk for Dementia - 2021-09-17
"Age-related macular degeneration, cataracts and diabetes-related eye disease were linked with a higher likelihood of dementia, researchers in China said." More

418 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)