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Staff Directory

Center Management Staff


Executive Director Jeff Tunnell, 582-2314
Executive Administrative Assistant Sara Ramos, 582-2309
Chief Operations Officer Nicole Way, 582-5366
Director of Program Operations Tracy Chase, 575-0611, ext. 144
Director of Advancement Ingra Sparkman, 575-0611, ext. 2370
Director, Human Resources Yvette Hausmann, 582-5368
Director, Business Administration/Information Technology Glenn Zengerle, 582-2357
Chief Financial Officer Kasie Mundine, 582-5367
Revenue Analyst Felicia Neisser-Belz, 582-2331
Director, Quality & Compliance, Privacy Officer Julie Galvan, 582-2317
Quality Management Martha Resendez, 582-2349
Manager, Facility Safety Officer/Maintenance Gary Janca, 582-2350
Marketing & Communications Jessica Dodds, 582-2328

Provider Services

Chief of Clinical Services Lane Johnson, 582-2351
Director, Behavioral Health Kim Omecinski, 575-0611, ext. 143
Director of Nursing Kim Ferrell, 575-0611 | 1-800-421-8825
Program Manager, Crisis Services Leigha Cruz Roberts, 575-0611, ext. 2319 | 1-800-421-8825
Director of IDD Services Mendy Blank, 582-2320 | 1-800-421-8825

Local Officials

Calhoun County: 211 S. Ann St., Port Lavaca, TX 77979 | 361-553-4600
County Judge: Richard Meyer
County Commissioners: David Hall, Vern Lyssy, Anna Goodman, Joel Behrens, Gary Reese

DeWitt County:307 N. Gonzales St., Cuero, TX 77954 | 361-275-0916
County Judge: Daryl L. Fowler
County Commissioners: Curtis Afflerbach, James Pilchiek, Sr., James Kaiser, Richard Randle

Goliad County: PO Box 677, Goliad, TX 77963 | 361-645-3337
County Judge: Mike Bennett
County Commissioners: Kenneth Edwards, Kirby Brumby, David Bruns, Alonzo Morales

Jackson County: 115 W. Main, Rm. 207, Edna, TX 77957 | 361-782-2352
County Judge: Jill Sklar
County Commissioners: Johnny Belicek, Wayne Bubela, Dennis Karl, Wayne Hunt

Lavaca County: PO Box 243, Hallettsville, TX 77964 | 361-798-2301
County Judge: Mark Myers
County Commissioners: Edward Pustka, Kenny Siegel, Ronald Berckenhoff

Refugio County: 808 Commerce, Rm. 104, Refugio, TX 78377 | 361-526-4434
County Judge: Robert Blaschke
County Commissioners: Roy Payne, Stanley Tuttle, Gary Lee Wright, Blaine Wolfshohl

Victoria County: 115 N. Bridge, Rm. 127, Victoria, TX 77901 | 361-575-4558
County Judge: Ben Zeller
County Commissioners: Gary Burns, Clint Ives, Kevin Janak, Danny Garcia

Board of Trustees

Steve Hipes, Chair (Victoria County)
104 Woodhaven Drive
Victoria, TX 77904

Melissa Lester, Vice-Chair (Calhoun County)
Sylvester Walleck, Secretary (Jackson County)
Judge Daryl F. Fowler (DeWitt County)
Gary Burns (Victoria County)
Shirley McMillan (Goliad County)
Sheriff Micah C. Harmon (Lavaca County)
Corey Wasicek (Refugio County)

Advocacy Group Local Affiliates
The Arc of Calhoun County
Jeana Bethany, President
300 Alcoa Drive
Port Lavaca, TX 77979

Mental Health, Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities & Substance Use Issues

24-Hour Crisis Hotline: (877)SAFEGBC or (877)723-3422